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Jan 23rd, 2018, 7:12pm

Cross-platform BBC BASIC (Win32, Linux x86, Android, Mac OS-X, Raspberry Pi)

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xx Touch IDE for Android
« Thread started on: May 13th, 2016, 4:28pm »

As previously announced, version 0.13a of the Android (86) edition of BBC Basic comes with a new, touch-optimised, IDE (perhaps better described as a program editor/launcher). This is designed to be usable on small touchscreens found on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets; for this reason it has a very different interface from what you may be used to (although hopefully similar to what other touchscreen apps provide). In particular, maximum use is made of the limited screen 'real-estate'; nothing is wasted on menu bars, toolbars and the like.

All functions are accessible using standard touch gestures such as a tap, a long-press, a drag or a swipe. When alphanumeric input is required the On Screen Keyboard is automatically displayed; the Android 'back' button can be used to remove the keyboard and to return to a previous screen. The basic touch gestures are as follows:
  • TAP
    In a menu or list, selects the item tapped on.
    In the file-selector, either runs the program or moves into the directory.
    In the program editor, moves the text cursor (caret) to the specified point, clears any selection and enables the On Screen Keyboard. Tapping on a selected (highlighted) region opens a menu of options applicable to selected text.

    In a menu or list, selects the item pressed (same as TAP).
    In the file selector, opens a menu of applicable options (long-pressing on an 'empty' item opens a menu related to creating a new file or directory).
    In the program editor, moves the text cursor (caret) to the specified point and opens a menu of applicable options. In a selected block, allows you to adjust the selection (long-press near the end of the selection that you want to move).

  • DRAG
    In a menu or list, scrolls vertically. A horizontal drag is ignored.
    In the file selector, scrolls the list of files and directories vertically.
    In the program editor, scrolls both vertically and horizontally; a LONG-PRESS and DRAG selects (highlights) a block of code: drag horizontally to select part of a line, drag vertically to select entire lines. Tap on the selected block to open a menu.

    Scrolls with inertia, at a speed related to the speed of the swipe; touch the screen to stop scrolling. Menus and lists scroll vertically, the program editor scrolls both horizontally and vertically.
Although this IDE is designed primarily for use with the Android version of BBC BASIC it may also be used (substituting mouse operations for the touch gestures) in the Win32 and Linux editions (and even in BB4W!); use the Escape key instead of the Android 'back' button. However it does not work well with a Windows touchscreen.

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