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Jan 20th, 2018, 4:18pm

Cross-platform BBC BASIC (Win32, Linux x86, Android, Mac OS-X, Raspberry Pi)

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xx Real time 3D image edit concept
« Thread started on: Sep 18th, 2017, 5:03pm »

Save this program before executing.

This shows the idea behind real time editing a set of rendered triangles in 3D.

The actual 3D image is changed during every cycle and updated on the renderer.

Later, more triangles will be created with controls for each one in a program that runs along side the renderer. So a person can make simple 3D images easily.

The renderer will look for commands in a file to appear to sync the new image load and to wait so the image doesn't cycle needlessly.

(by the way, it works on BBCSDL also. I am going to test it on Mac and on Raspberry Pi 3 as soon as I get the editor set up.. Which should be tonight (Sept 18, 2017 before midnight in Alberta Canada)

      IF INKEY$(-256)="W" INSTALL @lib$+"D3DLIBA" ELSE INSTALL @lib$+"OGLLIB"

      MODE 8
      DIM l%(0), b%(1), n%(1), f%(1), s%(1), m%(1), t%(1), y(1), p(1), r(1), X(1), Y(1), Z(1), e(2), a(2)
      ON CLOSE PROCcleanup:QUIT
      IF INKEY$(-256)="W" d% = FN_initd3d(@hwnd%, 1, 0) ELSE d% = FN_initgl(@hwnd%, 1, 0)
      IF d% = 0 ERROR 100, "Can't initialise Direct3D"
      e() = 0, 0, -6
      a() = 0, 0, 0
        b%(0) = FN_load3d(d%, @dir$+"TRIANGLE.FVF", n%(0), f%(0), s%(0))
        IF b%(0) = 0 ERROR 100, "Can't load TRIANGLE.FVF"
        REM  t%(1) = FN_loadtexture(d%, @dir$+"purple.JPG")
        REM  IF t%(1) = 0 ERROR 100, "Can't load face.JPG"
        y() +=.01:REM yaw (rotations around the Y axis)
        REM pitch
        p() =0:REM TIME/100 (pitch angles rotations around the X axis)
        REM roll
        r() = 0:REM TIME/40 (roll angles (rotations around the Z axis)
        REM X (right left)
        X() = 0:REM SIN(TIME/200)
        REM Y() up and down
        Y() = 0
        REM Z() depth
        Z() =  10:REM
        REM PROC_render(d%, &FF7F7F7F, 0, l%(), 2, m%(), t%(), b%(), n%(), f%(), s%(), y(), p(), r(), X(), Y(), Z(), e(), a(), PI/4, 5/4, 1, 1000)
        PROC_render(d%, &FF7F7F7F, 0, l%(), 2, m%(), t%(), b%(), n%(), f%(), s%(), y(), p(), r(), X(), Y(), Z(), e(), a(), PI/4, 5/4, 1, 1000, 0) :REM experimental
        REM          1     2       3   4    5   6     7     8     9     10    11   yaw pitch roll X    Y    Z eye0123  18   19   20   ^mcd  ^( cam to farplane dist)
        REM 1 Val returned from FN_init3D
        REM 2 back color   3 #of lights   4 light pointers
        REM t%() - holds texture
        REM mcd - minimum near cam distance
        WAIT 1

      DEF PROCcleanup
      t%(1) += 0:IF t%(1) PROC_release(t%(1))
      b%(0) += 0:IF b%(0) PROC_release(b%(0))
      b%(1) += 0:IF b%(1) PROC_release(b%(1))
      d% += 0   :IF d%    PROC_release(d%)
      DEF PROCcreate3d
      PROC4(6):REM 3 vertices
      PROC4(&100042):REM vertex size &10 and format &42
      REM       LL x            LL y            LL z
      REM       LR x            LR y            LR z
      PROC4(FN_f4(1.0)):PROC4(FN_f4(-1.0)):PROC4(FN_f4(1.0)):PROC4(&FF0000FF):REM PROC4(&FF00FF00)
      REM     PEAK X     PEAK Y             PEAK Z
      PROC4(FN_f4(1.0)):PROC4(FN_f4(1.0)):PROC4(FN_f4(peak)):PROC4(&FF0000FF):REM PROC4(&FFFF0000)

      PROC4(FN_f4(-1.0)):PROC4(FN_f4(-1.0)):PROC4(FN_f4(1.0)):PROC4(&FF0000FF):REM PROC4(&FF0000FF)
      REM       LR x            LR y            LR z
      PROC4(FN_f4(-1)):PROC4(FN_f4(1.0)):PROC4(FN_f4(1.0)):PROC4(&FF0000FF):REM PROC4(&FF00FF00)
      REM     PEAK X     PEAK Y             PEAK Z
      PROC4(FN_f4(1.0)):PROC4(FN_f4(1.0)):PROC4(FN_f4(-peak)):PROC4(&FF0000FF):REM PROC4(&FFFF0000)

      CLOSE #F%
      DEF PROC4(A%):BPUT#F%,A%:BPUT#F%,A%>>8:BPUT#F%,A%>>16:BPUT#F%,A%>>24:ENDPROC
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I like reinventing the wheel, but for now I will work on tools for D3D
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