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BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 v0.20a released
Post by Richard Russell on Feb 3rd, 2018, 10:20pm

I've updated BBCSDL, the free cross-platform implementation of BBC BASIC, to version 0.20a. The various editions may be downloaded as follows:The Android edition will also run on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

As things are currently looking this may be the last release of BBCSDL.

The main changes in this version are as follows:

BASIC interpreter:
  1. The INT() function returns a true integer variant, not a floating-point value that happens to be an integer.

  2. The PTR(string$) function returns the memory address of a string.

  3. The <<< operator performs a 64-bit shift, even in the default *hex32 mode.

  4. Fixed a bug in the raise-to-power operator ^ (Android and Raspberry Pi editions).
  1. Fixed a minor bug in the socklib library.

  2. Added FN_getlistboxselect and PROC_setlistboxselect to the dlglib library.

  3. Added the eventlib and timerlib libraries (compatible with their BB4W equivalents).
Example Programs:
  1. The fire graphics demo has been added.

  2. The Penrose stairs graphics (and sound) demo has been added.
  1. You can now select an item in the List variables window and it will be automatically scrolled to keep it in view.

  2. The 'New file' and 'Rename file' commands default to an extension of .bbc if none is entered.
In addition. the Android edition has been modified (hopefully) to fix an incompatibility with recent releases of Android. It also has a (not very nice) splash screen!

I apologise that none of the major outstanding shortcomings has been addressed in this release. These include the absence of a 'compile' (create application) capability, no add-in utilities (such as Cross Reference), no integrated Help, no support for printing etc.